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  • No setup needed
  • We've tested these sources ourselves for optimum results
  • Sent out to responsive traffic sources
  • Perfect for sign-ups and low to mid-priced products

What our users have to say

"Totally freed up my time"

"I was doing both free and cheap traffic but not getting any sales, even the sign ups were low. I don't remember where I found this but I'm glad I did. I got some really good results and all I did was submit my URL. This totally freed up my time. I'm going to exploit this before more people find this."

Noah  H.

"Definitely worth it!"

"I opted for the cheapest option and honestly expected same results as with my free traffic method which is usually just safelists and TXs. It kinda did but just a bit better minus the time I had to spend acquiring credits. If I have to match what traffic I got from here, it would have taken me a whole week. 10 mins. vs. one week is a no- brainer. Definitely worth it!"

Natalie Hoffman

"Been using this ever since"

Noticed a surge of sign-ups and an increase in sales after checking my stats for the week. I was surprised since I didn't do any work that week to increase traffic. I vaguely remember using this. I spent around $20 and got that back ten-fold. Will def try the higher-tiered one.


"Made more money" 

I was hesitant at first because of the 'no account creation' feature but at the time I was doing a lot of things to get traffic to my sales page that I really don't want to deal with yet another account. I opted for the standard one. I made that money back, and more, after just a week. 

Amira M.

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No-hassle 1-Click Traffic

  • set and forget
  • dozens of different traffic sources that have high sign up rates
  • cheap yet effective
  • blasted to 15 responsive safelists (100k+ total members) + other sources

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Slots Remaining: 3

  Current Members: 17                                                    Max slots: 20

  • 20 Traffic Exchanges for 1 month
  • 70 responsive safelists (220k+ total active members)
  • 5 social-style traffic exchanges (very responsive)
  • 15 other sources


$29  Only Today!

$59 Gold

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Slots Remaining: 2

     Current Members: 8                                                  Max slots: 10

  • All from regular plus...
  • 2 solo ads (3,000+ members, known buyers)
  • Our own list (10,000+ subscribers)
  • Our network of blogs (possible lifetime traffic)


Frequently-asked Questions

What type of sites are allowed?

Anything except those containing illegal and adult content.

How can you guarantee visitors?

We send out the URL you provided to the different traffic sources assigned to your plan and we monitor the visits to it. 

Why no reports?

We tested this service to a select existing group of customers from our other networks and we have noticed that a huge majority of them never logged in to their member's area. It's less work for us and we did market this as a set and forget system. 

Where will the traffic come from?

Depending on your plan, some of it may come from sites you may already be using. To mention a few -- regular traffic exchanges (we only use those that have anti-cheat systems), social traffic swaps, high traffic forums, social sites, viral mailers, and some really unique ones that are hard to categorize. And if what you're promoting looks good and relevant to one of our email list segments and social media accounts & pages, we will send it out to those as well. Paid ads may also be used for gold plan buyers.

Can we immediately see the traffic?

It depends on the current load but please allow at least 24-48 hours after purchasing.


You may have read on some testimonials that our previous customers have had some good results, but that doesn't mean we can guarantee you sign ups and sales. There are a lot of factors that will determine your success --  the product/service itself, price, niche, and your website for example. If you are not getting the results that you want, read up more on some tips online. The layout and content of your landing page, for example, is very important. You may also be promoting a product that has very low demand. 

Again, we will promote your site/link to some good traffic sources but we can't guarantee you sales.


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